Master Program in International Business Management: Admission

Russian students
international students


Applicants should have a Bachelor Degree in any subject area (the total number of ECTS obtained should not be less than 125).

Entry Examination

Applicants are required to pass an entry exam in International Business Management (Exam Program 2024) that consists of two parts:


First part of the exam will be conducted in the form of test with multiple choice questions. The main objective of this part of the exam is to assess the level of knowledge in the field of Management, Economic Theory and Statistics.


Second part of the exam will be conducted in the form of individual interview with each applicant preceded by the motivation essay which applicants need to upload prior to the interview. The main objective of the interview is to assess applicant's communicative skills, ability to conduct a discussion, ability to express own opinion and provide arguments based on knowledge of contemporary trends in international business.

Exam waivers


GMAT certificate

Applicants with a valid GMAT certificate (with a result of 480 or higher) may be eligible to get a relevant score for the IBM exam in accordance with the conversion table.


International Business Case Competition

Winners and prize takers of International Business Case Competition are to be awarded with 100 points and 85 points, respectively, for the entry exam in International Business Management


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