Курсы, читаемые на английском языке


The following courses are available for the next semesters:



Courses for exchange students:


Master's level courses (in English from various Master programs):


1st trimester (September-December)

  • Currency rates regulation, prof. Miklashevskaya N.A. – 3ECTS
  • International marketing researches, prof. Gradoboiev V.V. – 3ECTS
  • Theory of contracts, prof. Dzaurova N.B. – 3ECTS
  • Special economic zones and offshore territories, prof. Stulov O.V. – 3ECTS
  • Venture finance, prof. Temnikova K.N. – 3ECTS
  • Financial innovations and derivatives, prof. Baydina O.S. – 3ECTS
  • International Financial Reporting Standards-II, prof. Kozeltseva E.A. – 3ECTS
  • International Marketing, prof. Gradoboiev V.V. (Programme "Management") – 3ECTS
  • International Marketing, prof. Oleynik A.N. (Programme "Economics") – 3ECTS
  • International Financial Markets, prof. Martanus O.R. – 3ECTS
  • Islamic Finance, prof. Magomet Yandiev

2nd trimester (January-March)

  • Personnel management, prof. Razumova T.O.
  • International Business, prof. Chikhun L.P.
  • International Tax Systems, prof. Stulov O.V.
  • International Marketing, prof. Oleynik A.N.
  • International communications and leadership, Gerald Rohan

3rd trimester (April-June)

  • Corporate Finance
  • Organizational behaviour, prof. Razumova T.O.
  • New Venture Development
  • International Marketing, prof. Oleynik A.N.
  • Islamic Finance, prof. Magomet Yandiev


The final list of courses and the schedule of studying will be available only in the beginning of semester. If you have any questions please contact Ms. Anastasia Leonova - aleonova@econ.msu.ru.