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Научный семинар ЭФ МГУ: Арсений Самсонов (UCLA) The Fragmentation of views in a democracy

Встреча общефакультетского научного семинара состоится в пятницу, 27 сентября.

Арсений Самсонов (University of California, Los Angeles) "The Fragmentation of views in a democracy"

People tend to get political information from the media that shares their ideology. Does this lead to worse decisions than the case in which everyone uses all the media sources? To answer this question, I build a game-theoretic model that involves signaling and collective choice. The model shows that the latter situation is only better if people have close political preferences and strongly want to coordinate with each other; otherwise, the former scenario is better.

Время: 17:20
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27 сен 2019