Authors Guidelines

The paper proposed for publication must be original, previously unpublished in other scientific journals.

Manuscripts are submitted via ElPub

Format and design 
All manuscripts should be submitted in Russian as a Word document (.doc / .docx). The text should be in Times New Roman 12 pt, 1.5 spaced and fit to the width.

Download the template for manuscript

The file with manuscript must not contain any information about the author or text elements, enabling the identification of authorship. Information about the authors should be sent in an additional document (see comments below).

Here is an example of manuscript to be submitted. This example is an article published in 2016 that was restyled following the new Author Guidelines 2021. The original paper is: Berezka S.M. (2016) Loyalty Programs: Foreign and Russian Experience. Moscow University Economics Bulletin5, 113–131. https://doi.org/10.38050/01300105201657 

Article Length

Articles should be between 30000 and 45000 characters (incl. spaces).

Article Structure

The article should begin with the title (no more than 10 words), abstract (200-250 words) and key words (no more than 8 words) in Russian and English. The abstract must contain object and purpose of the work, methodology description, main results of the study, practical applications and brief conclusions. The discrepancy between the Russian and English abstracts is not allowed.

The structure of an article should be based on accepted international standards: introduction, main part, conclusion, list of references.

Information about authors

Submission should include a separate file with full information about the author(s):

  • Full name of each author,
  • Academic degree;
  • Job position;
  • Institutional affiliation, address;
  • ORCID;
  • SPIN (RSCI) (optional);
  • E-mail;
  • Contact telephone (only for corresponding author)

All information about the author(s) must be submitted both in English and Russian. 

You can view a sample file with information about authors here.

You should upload this document  (Information about authors) as a supplementary document (step 4 of submition process at ElPub)


References to other publications must be in Apa 7th Style. Examples of correct references: (Oliver,1980), (Porter, 1994, p. 45), (Иванов, 2001, с. 20), (Porter, 1994; Иванов, 2001), (Porter & Yansen, 1991b; Иванов, 1991), (Гуриев и др., 2002), (Bevan et al., 2001).

Please include DOI if it is possible.

Manuscripts corresponding to the above-metioned requirements will be registered with a special registration number (this number will be sent to the author by e-mail).

Materials submitted for publication must conform to the journal's topics, meet the submission guidelines, go through the double-blind peer review and get a recommendation for publication from the Editorial Board of the journal. Double-blind peer review means that both the reviewer and author identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process.

In case of refusal the Editorial Board send a refusal letter to the author based on the peer review results.

By submitting his manuscript, the author gives permission to the online reproduction of the article free of charge.

The journal is open for submissions by any author, regardless of nationality, place of work and academic degree, has an opportunity to publish an article in compliance with the requirements of the publisher.

Payment of the fee for publication is not provided. At the same time there is no fee for the publication of manuscripts.

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