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              It has become a tradition for Russian and foreign theorists and practitioners of management to take part in annual international conferences on the History of Management Thought and Businesses (HMTB), held by the Lomonosov Moscow State University in order to discuss various important issues in management.

Over the course of time several conferences have been held on the following topics:

  • "Development of Management Concepts" (1996),
  • "Enterprise Restructuring in Transitional Economy: Theory and Practice" (1998),

  • "Government and Business" (2000),

  • "Development of Personnel Management” ( 2001),

  • "Problems of Measurement in the Management" (2002, 2003),

  • "Scientific Managerial Concepts vs. Real Management" (2004, 2005),

  • "The Russian Model of Management: Past, Present and Future" (2008),

  • "National Models of Management" ( 2009)

  • "Business Models: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" (2010),

  • “Social Responsibility of Business and Management Ethics” (2011),

  • “Business and Management Ethics: Comparative Analyses of National Models” (2012).

  • “From Stratagems to Strategies, From Strategic Planning to Strategic Thinking and  Enlightenment” (2013)

  • "Problems of training managers: yesterday-today-tomorrow" (2014)

  • “National Modelsof Training Managers” (2015)

At the last conference the participants put forward some ideas on the next conference, but most of the proposals sounded "Leadership" category, "Sscenario Planning", "Vision", "Scenario Based Management". The relevance of proposals emphasized the objective need to answer questions about the place and the role of leadership, vision and scenarios in the management of socio-economic targets at all levels of decision-making. At the same time participants stressed the relevance of the abovementioned subjects at all times of human existence, is in conditions of uncertainty and unpredictability.

Therefore, the conference organizing committee has decided to hold the next conference on the History of Management Thought and business on "Scenario Based Management and Leadership", which will be held June 30, July 1 and 2, 2016 at the Economics Faculty of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov.

The purpose of the conference "Scenario Based Management and Leadership" - to identify and discuss the reasons for the treatment of science and management practices to the scenario approach in the management of organizations based on the latest effective combination scenario management with leadership in the conditions, above all, unpredictable changes in the business environment of the organization.


The Conference submitted the following questions:

  1. What is the principal differences between “Scenario Planning” and “Scenario Management”? What is the role of Leadership in the Scenario Management of organizations?
  2. For thousands of years, human experience has been evolving management ideas and views of how to manage under conditions of uncertainty and unpredictability of the business environment.   How relevant was the experience of managers and thinkers of the past to strategic and scenario planning? Are there historical examples describing the success and failure of this way of thinking and acting? And what methods were used to minimize the risks in the government, military battles, economy, production, the family business?
  3. What are the most important reasons to turn for a scenario management and strategic thinking? Are there effective and efficient methods and technologies of acceptance of administrative decisions under conditions of unpredictability? How are decision rules created and formulated in problems with uncertainty of the business environment? What are the reasons of non-fulfillment of strategic decisions in an unpredictable business environment? Can these conditions eliminate or minimize the impact of these strategic decisions?
  4. And again - what is the role of Leadership in the development and adoption scenarios, and, most importantly, in the process of implementing managerial decisions in conditions of uncertainty and unpredictability in the Business environment of organizations?
  5. How can students be trained and/or coached to develop scenarios as decision rules in managerial problems with uncertainty, and to use Scenario Management as the system of implementation of the scenarios?



  • Lomonosov Moscow State University Lomonosov (LMSU)

  • The Faculty of Economics of the Moscow State University (FE LMSU)

  • The Association of graduates of the FE LMSU

  • Non-commercial partnerships «Life Long Learning Centre» (Russsia)

  • International Magazine «Problems of Theory and Practice of Management»

  • Magazine “Managerial Sciences” 

HMTB-2016 Organizing Committee

  • Co-Chairman of the OC, Dean of the FE LMSU Professor Alexander Auzan;

  • Co-Chairman of the OC, President of the FE LMSU Professor VasilyKolesov;

  • Co-Chaiman of the OC, Professor Vadim Marshev

  • Vice-Chairman of the OC,Professor Valentina Gerasimenko

Members of the OC

  • Professor Oleg Vikhanskiy,

  • Professor  Natalia Ivashenko

  • Professor Olga Molchanova

  • Professor Tatiana Razumova,

  • Professor Irina Teleshova 

Technical members of the Organizing Committee:

  • Ivan Dvoluchansky, Svetlana Shcholokova, Natalia Rozenberg, (EF LMSU) 

We welcome your participation in the XVII International Conference

On History of Management Thought and Business!


With respect,

Vadim Marshev,

Ph.D.., Professor of the FE LMSU

Co-Chairman of the Organizing Committee,

Phones: +7-495-9392887, +7-495-9392917



Receiving reports and abstracts for publication - before May 15, 2016 under mentioned e-addresses.
For more information about the conference can be found on the website at the MSU EF: in "Scientific work / Conferences"


Dear colleagues!
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Venue HMT-2016 is the Economic Faculty of the Moscow State University (Moscow, Lenin Hills, 1, Building 46), Room P-6.


30 июн 2016