XXIII International Conference on the History of Management Thought and Business «Doctrines of Management: Past, Present, Problems»

XXIII International Conference on the History of Management Thought and Business «Doctrines of Management: Past, Present, Problems»

Dear colleagues!
It has become a tradition for Russian and foreign theorists and practitioners of management to take part in annual International conferences on the History of Management Thought and Businesses (HMT&B), held by the Lomonosov Moscow State University in order to discuss various important issues in Management.
Over the years, 22 conferences have been held on the following topics:
    "Development of Management Concepts" (1996),
    "Enterprise Restructuring in Transitional Economy: Theory and Practice" (1998),
    "Government and Business" (2000),
    "Development of Personnel Management” (2001),
    "Problems of Measurement in the Management" (2002, 2003),
    "Scientific Managerial Concepts vs. Real Management" (2004, 2005),
    "The Russian Model of Management: Past, Present and Future" (2008),
    "National Models of Management" (2009)
    "Business Models: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" (2010),
    “Social Responsibility of Business and Management Ethics” (2011),
    “Business and Management Ethics: Comparative Analyses of National Models” (2012).
    “From Stratagems to Strategies, From Strategic Planning to Strategic Thinking and Enlightenment” (2013)
    "Problems of training managers: yesterday-today-tomorrow" (2014)
    “National Models of Training Managers” (2015)
    “Scenario-Based Management and Leaderships” (2016)
    “Scenario-Based Management: origins, problems, solutions” (2017)
    “Managerial work and the role of managers: past, present, future” (2018)
    “Management and roles of managers: yesterday-today-tomorrow” (2019)
    «Measurability in the Management of Social Objects: yesterday, today, tomorrow" (2021)
    «Development of views on regional economic management in the countries of the world: history and modernity» (2022)
Attention. The Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University plans to hold the 23rd International Conference on the History of Management Thought and Business on September 22-23, 2023

We have not discussed the issues that were the subject of our 1st conference in 1996 for a long time. Since then, 27 years have passed and it is time to conduct an inventory, assessment and tasks of Historical and Managerial Research. That is why such a theme of the 23rd conference in HMT&B is proposed: «Doctrines of Management: Past, Present, Problems». In other words, at the 23rd conference we would like to hear answers to the questions “Where have we been?”, “Where are we?” and “What are the methodological challenges we face today related to the three pillars of Historical Management Research (HMR):
- to the History of Management Thought (HMT),
- to the History of Management (HM) and
- to the Historiography of Historical and Managerial Research (HHMR).
As always, the Objects of historical and managerial research and our conferences will be various kinds of materials and / or documents - monographs, articles, conference proceedings, legislative acts, letters, memoirs, diaries, archival documents, etc.  In the case of our conference, these are materials that present of ideas, concepts, theories, scientific schools, reflecting the 4 stages of the Life Cycle of Scientific and Applied ideas about Management  of business  (in the broad sense of the word) in different countries and regions of the world in different specific historical periods:
- emergence,
- development,
- struggle and
- change of ideas.
The dates of the publications used are not limited - from the manuscripts of the representatives of the Ancient World to many treatises of our contemporaries. Moreover, the views and ideas themselves can relate both to the management of the economies of countries as a whole, and to the management of individual aspects and elements of businesses of these countries - politics, demography, legislation, socio-cultural relations, science, technology, international relations of the country, etc. In addition management of various industries, businesses, organizations and functional of organizations (personnel, accounting, marketing, finance, purchase, production, sales, R&D, etc.).
It is also obvious that the subjects of economic management in different countries of the world in different specific historical periods were (as management actors) the state and its institutions of all forms of government, public organizations, the church, and representatives of the private economy.
Hence, a few questions that we expect answers to at the upcoming HMT&B-2023 conference:

  1. When and in connection with what was the management of the businesses born?
  2. When and in connection with what was the managerial idea born?
  3. What is the "legacy" and "heritage" in the field of science and practice of business management?
  4. What are the factors and causes of changes in the management systems of organizations and business?
  5. What are the factors and reasons for the difference in views on the management of organizations and business of representatives of different countries and regions of the world in different specific historical periods?
  6. How and Why did the ideas and concepts of the systemic (elemental) and integrated (aspect) approaches arise and develop in the management of the economics of countries and in the countries of the world?
  7. How were the aspect characteristics of management (economical, political, legal, demographic, ecological, etc.) manifested and taken into account at the four stages of the life cycle of ideas and views on business management?
  8. What are the factors, causes and features of the concepts of anti-crisis management of organizations and businesses?
  9. Why and how did views on the provision of management processes for various kinds of resources change?
  10. Why and how did the views on staffing the management processes of organizations and businesses change?
  11. What was the "engine" of management and managerial thought - a real business or the logic and intuition of the creator and implementer of ideas?
  12. What motivates management researchers to create scientific articles such as "The Management Theory Jungle" (Koontz H,, 1961)
  13. Is it possible to use the category "paradigm" in relation to HM and HMT as ideographic sciences? Why?
  14. Can you agree with the idea: "The Past as a Stochastic Process"? If so, how should the gnoseological process of HMR be built?
  15. What are the factors of appearance only in the 20-21 centuries several hundred foreign and domestic treatises and textbooks on HM and HMT?
  16. How to teach history of management (HM), history of management thought (HMT) and historiography of management studies (HHMR)?
  17. What are the challenges facing the researchers of HM, HMT and HHMR?

The Organizers of the Conference HMT&B-2023
Lomonosov Moscow State University (LMSU)
The Faculty of Economics of the Moscow State University (FE MSU)
The Association of graduates of the FE MSU
International Journal «The Problems of Theory and Practice of Management» (Russia)
Journal of “The Managerial Sciences” (Russia)
The Organizing Committee (OC):
Alexander Auzan, Co-Chairman of the OC, Dean of the FE MSU, Professor
Vasily Kolesov, Co-Chairman of the OC, President of the FE MSU, Professor
Vadim Marshev, Co-Chaiman of the OC, Professor of Management Department, FE MSU
Alexander Kurdin, Vice-Chairman of the OC, Associate Professor, Vice-dean of the FE MSU
Memders of the Organizing Committee
Vadim Kraskov - Vice-dean of the FE MSU
Bradley Bowden – foreign member of the HMT&B-2023 Organizing Committee, Editor of the MH Journal (Australia)
Dmitry Kuzin – Chairman of the Management Department, FE MSU
Oleg Vikhanskiy – Dean of the MSU High School of Business, Scientific Chairman of the Management Dept., FE MSU
Yury Osipov – Professor, Head of the Laboratory of Philosophy of Economics, FE MSU
Dmitry Platonov - Professor of the Department of the History of the National Economy and Economic Doctrines, FE MSU
Sergey Chernov – Ph.D. in Economics, Associate Professor, Management Dept., FE MSU
Ivan Dvoluchansky - Senior Lecturer, Management Dept., FE MSU
Ksenia Stashchuk - Postgraduate Student, Management Dept., FE MSU
    Phones: 7-495-9392917, 7-495-9392887, 7-916-6735422, 7-985-7277578, 7-926-5572744
    E-mail: dvoluchansky@gmail.com,  vmarshev@mail.ru
The Conference will be held online and offline on June 29-30, July 1, 2023
The Organizing Committee will provide all participants with the necessary links
 Abstract and Paper Submission Deadline: Septemder 2, 2023 (vmarshev@mail.ru, dvoluchansky@gmail.com)
 Abstract and Paper Requirements:
    Font size - 12
    Font Type - Times New Roman
    Alignment - Width
    Line spacing – 1,5
To participate in the HMT&B-2023 conference registration is required!

29 июн 2023