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Economics and Environmental Management

Academic Level: BSc

Credit Value: 5 ECTS

Hours in class: 32 hours

Course Leaders: Sergey Nikonorov, Konstantin Papenov, Sergey Bobylev, Irina Hovavko, Olga Kudryavtseva

Course Description

The course covers all basic theory of the interaction of nature and society, and provides a wide practical application. The course focuses on the development of social - ecological - economic competence to work effectively in international projects, and effectively compete or cooperate in an international environment.

The main objective is to provide students with opportunities to transition to sustainable development and a green economy through the prism of sustainable management and use of natural (environmental factor) in the development and functioning of economic systems in the current and historical aspects of the development of society.


Course will provide exchange students a deep understanding of the Russian approach to the study of national economic complex interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral issues of environmental management, restoration of natural resources and environmental protection, in the mastery of principles, methods and techniques of control in this area. The program was developed because of the growing role of TNCs, with the development of international cooperation, the need for skills in the field of economics and environmental management and sustainable development in the transition from the "brown" to "green" economy in Russia.


The study of this course will enable students to better understand the problems of modern environmental policy, have clear ideas about the Russian sustainable development strategies aimed at ensuring a balanced solution of socio-economic problems in the future and maintaining a favorable environment, as well as having practical skills in the field of economic mechanism of its software.

Course program requires participation in lectures and seminars, as well as independent study. These lectures cover all the basic concepts and theories of economics and environmental management , including the participation of important areas such as governance and economic development , environmental quality standards , insurance, environmental risk , environmental marketing , environmental management, environmental auditing , valuation of natural resources and ecosystem services , eco-tourism and recreational areas and the macroeconomic situation and the use of natural resources.

Seminars include analysis of case studies, business games, training sessions, group discussions and presentations of projects.





1st week

Economic development and environmental factor


The concept of sustainable development


2nd week

Valuation of Environmental quality and economic costs of pollution


Environmental quality standards and economic costs of pollution


3rd week

Business game  “Economic instruments to combat pollution”


Environmental risk insurance


4th week

Assessment of environmental and social risk in lending


Debating club “Environmental marketing”


5th week

Environmental management


Environmental audit


6th week

Economic evaluation of natural resources and ecosystem services


Project work “Eco-tourism and recreation areas”


7th week

Economic efficiency of natural resources use


Externalities (spillovers) and the public interest


8th week

Macroeconomic situation and use of natural resources. Ecological and economical development of the Russian Federation


Exam (tests)





22 апр 2014