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«Technology Management Financial Service»

«Technology Management Financial Service»


School of Business and Public Service

Financial Services BBA

As our society moves to a more service-oriented world, the area of financial services becomes critical to our present and future economic situation. The movement towards blurring of the worlds of business, finance, stock brokerage, bond trades, insurance, banking and retirement planning has produced a tremendous growth industry. SUNY Canton's Financial Services BBA Dual Degree Program with Moscow State University offers students a fast track to a rewarding career in the business world. The Dual Degree Program allows students to achieve both a MSU and SUNY degree within four years. Students take the first two years at MSU and during the final two years attend courses in the core disciplines of financial services online with students from SUNY and other colleges. This offers students the opportunity to exchange ideas with students from all corners of the world while developing a broader understanding of international business and cultures.

Technology Management: Financial Services - BBA

Students in this Major: 1. Receive a fundamental education in the areas of Business, Accounting, Math, Liberal Arts, and Sciences. 2. Are trained in many operational areas of financial services. 3. Spend an entire semester in the financial industry.

Students can expect: 1. A comprehensive education in business, accounting, and other management related areas. 2. A one-semester internship within a financial services career 3.Hands-on projects and real case studies in domestic and global investments and risk management 4. Form and be involved in an investment club that promotes understanding of financial market investments 5.A background in business to broaden perspectives of financial services 6.Independent study options

Students in this program typically have: 1. A strong interest in the financial success. 2. An understanding of building blocks of modern finance. 3. An understanding of mathematics to solve common finance problems

It's online, so it's convenient:
Since online courses don't have set classroom schedules, students can participate at any hour and from anywhere there are internet connections.

Students will learn key finance topics, including: 1. Loan and mortgage amortization. 2. Efficient diversification. 3. Stock bond valuation. 4. Hedging risk with options and futures

Tying it all together:
Students design projects using real-life financial market data in courses such as Advanced Financial Management, Global Investment and Risk Management.

Career Opportunities: 1. Banking 2. Insurance 3. Credit Unions 4. Stock and Bond Brokerage Firms 5. Financial Planning Firms 6. Corporations 7. Government and More

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