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Free movers

Foreign students are welcomed to join the Fcaulty of Economics, MSU for a semester or a complete academic year on the paid basis

The application procedure for free movers is as follows:

  1. Responsible coordinator at the home university should send an official confirmation letter directly to Victoria Grishina This confirmation letter should indicate that the applicant is currently studying at the university and is allowed to participate in the exchange program at the Faculty of Economics, MSU as a free mover for a certain semester / academic year. 
  2. The applicant should send the following documents to Victoria Grishina

Application deadlines: May, 15 for a fall semester, October, 15 for a spring semester. 

For further information on the exchange, examples of the documents required please contact Victoria Grishina


All foreign citizens must be registered at the place of stay within 7 (seven) working days after the day of their entry into the Russian Federation.

Moscow University can assist in the registration of exchange students only if they:

Students may be provided with accommodation in MSU dormitory only in case they have applied for Russian visa on the basis of MSU invitation letter.