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Summer School 2009

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Sebastian Pupek

TUM Business School
Technische Universität München

"At the Summer School “Doing business in Russia: facing the crisis” in 2009 of the Lomonosov State University in Moscow, learning opportunities came in many forms. For somebody like me, who is really interested in the business environment of Russia I had the chance to experience very valuable insights of the Russian economy. Not only the presentations and lectures made it possible for me to understand the development of the Russian business culture but from thought-provoking interactions with world-class scholars to illuminating conversations with fellow international and local students. The balance between the theoretical and the practical part of the summer school was given through company visits by actually talking to people about their personal experience, which complemented very important key learnings from the lectures.

Last but not least I have to mention the organizing team from the summer school. They really did a great job with helping and supporting the participants, so we could feel comfortable and taken care off.

To make a long story short: An experience you don’t want to miss!"

Andreas Foerstemann

University of Bamberg / Germany
Business Information Systems / Master of Science

"I had three interesting and exciting weeks in Moscow, in which I met great people within the students and the economic faculty's team. The organization of lectures and trips was perfect. We discussed the current economic situation in Russia and visited the local subsidiary of the Allianz company. Next to studies there was enough time to explore the town and it's cultural offerings. The time was so impressive, that now I am back to study a whole semester in Moscow."