Academic Level: BSc

Credit Value: 5 ECTS

Hours in class: 32 hours

Lecturer: Maria Ulyanova

А. Course outline

The course Management-1 comprises four main parts covering the main spheres of organizational life: an individual and organization, organizational strategies, structures and organizational processes. The course uses case study as the main method of learning..

B. Course objectives

· To introduce students to the main concepts of the theory of management;

· To address ethical issues of management;

· To develop practical skills in team working, decision making and applying theoretical knowledge to real life situations;

C. Textbooks

(4) (1) Laurie J Mullins Management and Organizational Behavior, 7th edition

D. Assessment details

The final grade consist:

Work in the class 30%

Intermediate test 20%

Final exam 20%

Research project 15%

Project presentation 15%

Research project is a research that either addresses an issue facing an organization or range of organizations or analyses a decision to be made by an organization or range of organizations. The research project will be made in teams of 3-5 students. Students should provide a research proposal by the 11/11/11 and the final project by 16/12/11. The presentation of the projects will take part during last class of the course.

E. Course outline


Introductiontothecourse. The nature of management. Business Ethics

(Readings: chapter 6)

The Individual and Organization.

Individual Differences

The process of Perception


(Readings: Chapters 9-12)

Strategic Management: Mission, Goals, and Strategy.

(Readings: Chapter 5)

Organization Structure and Design

(Readings: Chapters 15-16)

Intermediate Test

Organizational Control and Power

The Nature of Leadership

(Readings: Chapters 8, 21)

Groups, Communication and Decision-Making

(Readings:Chapter 14)

Organizational Development: Culture, Conflict, and Change)

(Readings: Chapter 22)

Final Exam

Presentation of the Research Projects

10 окт 2011