Technical analysis

Academic Level: BSc
Credit Value: 5 ECTS

Hours in class: 32 hours

The author and lecturer: ass. prof. Vladimir G. Starkov


The course is designed to supply you with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand independent trading on the international foreign exchange markets - FOREX. The course has its own “mission”. This mission is to help you learn the basic concepts of currency dealing and master its special terminology as well as to understand the general mechanisms of market operations and how to earn money on FOREX. During this course we will learn to speak the language of FOREX; we will get to know which currencies are considered the most suitable to be working with and how we will trade with them and finally, we will begin to make some deals using the trading platforms like IDSystem (Internet Dealing System) and RUMUS-2.
1. The Forex Market: a definition and history
2. Basic terms and concepts
3. Opening and closing positions in a trade terminal
4. Technical analysis: basic precepts
5. Charts, trends and lines
6. Japanese candlestick charts
7. Types of technical indicators
8. Final exam
Closed book final exam; Homework; Attendance
The students will be provided with links to Videos that are going to be used as a basis for class meetings and discussions.

13 мар 2010