Bloomberg Aptitude Test


Don’t miss the BAT on campus for FREE on the 20th of May at 7pm. room 507!

What is TheBAT?

The BAT is a multiple choice test that evaluates your abilities as relative to a career in finance in eight different sections. The BAT helps you to anonymously market yourself to over 20,000 employers via the Bloomberg Talent Search. There is no official preparation required; all questions on the BAT evaluate aptitude rather than theoretical knowledge so you do not need to be an expert on all areas or have a background in finance in order to do well.

The BAT is offered exclusively to you on campus and you can retake it as many times as you want for FREE on campus. Eligible for all years and areas of study.

Additional Info:

Over 150,000 students have taken the BAT in over 2,000 universities around the world and in the past six months over 40,000 have been contacted by employers to discuss job opportunities via the Talent Search.

Main benefits of the BAT:

  • Evaluate your strengths
  • Discover if you enjoy Finance
  • Evaluate your level of Business English
  • Mention your BAT score on your CV and Linkedin profile
  • Get access to international job opportunities

Free: Bloomberg Briefs

As an added benefit, all test takers will receive a complimentary six-month subscription of Bloomberg's premium newsletters in various market sectors -Bloomberg Briefs - valued at USD 2000.

How to be successful:

  • Review the Sample Questions
  • Manage your time (2 hours – 100 questions)
  • Follow the News
  • Retake the BAT to evaluate your improvement


20 май 2014